The new capsule collection

Capsule collection

De Marquet joins forces with Korean designer Sung Kim of Dell’Est for a unique collaboration that celebrates a shared love for Italian elegance and “Made in Italy.” This exclusive “See Now Buy Now” capsule collection merges precise line architecture with a passion for both classic and contemporary design, drawing inspiration from art déco and creative monogram play, focusing on the Signature bags in Baby and Tiny sizes, enriched by Dell’Est’s characteristic monogram and De Marquet’s chromatic irony. This blend of aesthetics offers a unique vision of reinvented classicism, with pieces that promise to be as unique as they are desirable. Available from February 24th, the collection invites fashion enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world where standout design converges with humor and unmistakable style for an immediate and exclusive experience.

Discover the magic of De Marquet's SS24 Collection

a journey into the elegance of summer where the sea at sunset becomes a shimmering silver canvas, kissed by reflections of purple and turquoise. Each bag is a tribute to the allure of summer evenings, crafted with the Italian artisanal excellence that defines the Swiss brand. The season introduces the Signature Fancy, which joins classic models such as the MiniMini, Lady, Baby, and Tiny, along with new materials like snake-effect laminated leather in jewel-tone colors. The Night&Day collection dazzles on its own with interchangeable covers: glass beads, sequined flowers, and subtle silver accents transform each accessory into a unique masterpiece. De Marquet continues to champion conscious consumption, offering exclusive pieces that inspire a philosophy of consuming less, but better.


Night & Day

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